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20 Things to Know Before Traveling to Senegal

Traveling to Senegal and curious what you need to know about visiting Senegal? In this post, I’ll be sharing my best firsthand tips from a 12-day trip to Senegal with my husband. I’ve found that people can be hesitant to visit Africa and other third-world countries, but honestly, you have nothing to fear. Most issues can be avoided by taking basic precautions. While a lot of what I’ll share is advice for Americans traveling to Senegal, everyone will benefit from these pointers.

My 2023 Travel Highlights

Although we’re already one month into 2024, I couldn’t skip the chance to reminisce on a wonderful travel year in 2023. Our travel year did not go exactly as planned (when does life ever?), but it was definitely adventure-filled and left us very excited about our 2024 plans.

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